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Corporate Live video streaming

From Malaga, Marbella, Estepona, tarifa to Gibraltar

Live streaming has become an important tool for expansion, reaching a global audience who are no longer prohibited by distance, time or cost. 

Your users, shareholders or workers who could not attend to the meeting want to participate in the event – even from a distance, and this is the perfect way to see firsthand what could not be touched or experienced in any other way.

Live video broadcasting was once considered exclusive to the large pockets of media corporations  but nowadays thanks to advanced technology Live video streaming is available everyone, and all companies recognised the opportunities webcasting presents to businesses and consumers. 

From a sneak peek to a debut on the day of the launch: a video can generate great expectation amongst buyers.

Ways of using live streaming video 

Live stream your conference or seminar to a wider market.

Annual General Meetings.

Any event attendance.

Real Estate Auctions

Red carpets and premiers

Grand openings and product launches

Company announcements

Live stream tutorials and helpful expertise

Product demonstrations

Product launches

Behind-the-scenes footage

Sales and giveaways

Sporting and Social Clubs

Increase brand exposure, promote to a broader market.

Each live streaming package includes


  • Technical Director- to produce, record & livestream your event.
  • Single Camera or Multiple Cameras, you chose the coverage that best suits your needs.
  • Professional wireless audio – for crystal clear audio.
  • 4G portable wife technology – for backup internet sources.
  • Post-live editing options for the perfect video memory.

Multiple Professional Cameras options
Up to 2 professional 4K or HD cameras keep your remote guests engaged, more than one camera makes a big difference from a viewer’s perspective.

Wireless Network Technology

This allows Bodakids to stream from virtually anywhere with high coverage! We only need 4G coverage to stream your event.

Professional Audio

Wireless mics wirelessly stream clear audio of your event. Great audio quality is even more critical than the visuals.

Award-Winning Company 
Bodakids – we are wedding award company with more than 10 years experience in event videos. Because experience matters!


Live Streaming events from Marbella to Gibraltar.  Ι  wp: +34 618 018 625

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